Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy-the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.
— Brene Brown




Vulnerability is a scary word.  It is a word that turns many people off.  It’s a word that terrifies and causes people to freeze right where they are.  But I want to challenge you to instead think about vulnerability as a positive word.  Rather than thinking of vulnerability as a weakness, let’s think, instead, of vulnerability as a great sign of strength.  When we are willing to be vulnerable, that means we are willing to trust those we are with with who we really are.  It shows that we are being honest.  In a sense, I feel like refusing to be vulnerable is lying.  It’s not being willing to show our true selves.  So, this begs the question: how do we show vulnerability?  How do we get to that point in life?  It can start simple.  Next time someone asks you “how are you?” answer them honestly.  In society, we are programmed to respond with “fine” or “good”.  But is that true?  Are you really?  Vulnerability would instead respond with “actually, I’m having a rough day.”  If we would all do this, how much deeper would our relationships be?

Next time someone asks how you are, answer them honestly.  It will allow them to see that you care enough about them to be honest.  And who knows, it might just encourage them to be willing to be honest as well. 

  1. List your top three vulnerabilities and explain in what ways they make you feel vulnerable, positive and negative.

  2. How might vulnerability become a strength in your life?

  3. What might you discover about yourself if you are willing to be vulnerable? What might you discover about others?




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