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On today's episode we are taking a question from one of our viewers for an ASK ASHLEY segment.  

This question comes in from a Birth Mother in Michigan.

“My son that I placed for adoption is going to be turning one in a few months.  This has been the hardest year, I am missing out on SO many things.  I really want to celebrate his birthday.  Am I allowed to do that?  How do YOU celebrate and remember your son on his birthday?”

Ashley validates the feelings of a woman surviving the year of "firsts" as a Birth Mother.  She talks about the right that we have to celebrate and honor our children, especially during the birthday months!  She shares some tips on ways to celebrate the children, even if you are alone in that celebration.




I just want you to know that I KNOW how hard the first year can be.  When reality sinks in and milestone after milestone rolls out in the first 12 months of our child's life it can slap you in the face.   Always remember that just because we are childless through our daily life does not mean that we are NOT mothers!  I honor you and validate you and YES!  I encourage you to celebrate!!!  You are a mother, you have a child turning one....I celebrate Derek's birthday every year.  I don't ever miss it.  He is with me always and I consider it a great honor to honor him.  

Birthdays are hard.  I just want to tell the adoptive families that just because I don't reach out or say happy birthday doesn't mean I forgot or don't care.  It is quit possibly the worst day of my life.  I know that can seem selfish but my grief doesn't care about that.  I remember everything on the day that he was born.  EVERYTHING.  I am celebrating in every way that I know how.  Honor me while you honor him.  

National Adoption Month Re-Cap and LIVE videos

As we wrap up National Adoption Month we are just blown away and a bit exhausted! 

You can follow all the amazing stories by following #lifetimehealingadoption

We have had a VERY busy month that included the launch of The Adoption Chat and our annual ABC photo-a-day challenge on social media!  

We had ALL sides of the triad participate this year in all different seasons of their adoption journey.

You can follow all the amazing stories by following #lifetimehealingadoption

We had over 1200 posts, over 8 hours of live video conversation with hundreds of families, over 500 private messages and some amazing features including The Adoption Advocate hosted by the National Council for Adoption, #Facesofadoption hosted by, Kindred + Co, and Adopt A Love Story.

Not to mention our amazing training that took place this month with some inspiring professionals in California for our post placement training and curriculum.

What are they saying in California??

Our Agency recently had Ashley Mitchell of Lifetime Healing come and share with us the important impact of birth parent support. We had the opportunity to spend the day with her learning and then experienced a support group in action. I cannot say enough how valuable this time was spent for me and my staff. As an Agency, we felt we were doing a good job in supporting our birth parents in their adoption plan, but this process opened our eyes to many areas we never considered and how we can improve to provide the support and care deserved. I truly believe every Adoption professional should experience this Agency changing process as it will not only improve our services to birth parents but will allow us to better serve all in the Adoption triad.
— Wayne Mott - Executive Director, Family Connection Christian Adoptions


We can't thank you enough for everything that you have done to support us.

We look forward to taking some time off with our families for the month of December but we have so many amazing things plans for 2018 so stay tuned!  

We had hundreds of people join our LIVE video conversations and they were so powerful. 

We wanted to share those with you so you didn't miss out on our conversations.

LH President, Ashley Mitchell has been such a powerful voice this month and has been so gracious in sharing her journey so vulnerably and honestly!

We hope you will take some time to watch.