join us through national adoption awareness month as we kick off our adoptive parent education! 


Lifetime Healing Founder and President, Ashley Mitchell, is a birth mother of 12 years. she has spent almost a decade educating the triad on the expectations and realities of domestic open adoptions. Over the years there have been countless emails from adoptive parents thanking her for the education she was providing.


That is when the decision was made to OFFER MORE. We are working with members from ALL sides of the triad to bring the best education possible to adoptive parents. Whether you are hoping to adopt or are navigating open adoption THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU. We are also working with our partner agencies to make sure that the education hours will count as Home Study + Continuing Care education.


  • We know that there is not enough education for adopting parents.

  • We know that EVERYONE has an opinion on the do's and don'ts of adoption.

  • We know that you are HUNGRY for honest, open and helpful information.

  • We know that what is being offered in your Home Study education is NOT enough.

  • We know that you want to do this well.

  • We know that your online communities are overwhelming and can be harsh.

  • We know that we make a lot of fear based decisions.


Join us for a 14 day ONLINE Facebook classroom experience that will walk you through what we believe to be the most important topics of navigating this complex adoption experience. 

You will have access to hours of  Pre-Recorded and LIVE videos, printable PDF's, resources and more!


Birth Mother Trauma: Understanding what birth mother grief and trauma actually looks like will help you understand behaviors and seasons of silence, how PTSD plays a role in our actions and signs to watch for when navigating this relationship with your child(ren’s) biological mother. - Ashley Mitchell, Birth Mother

Being Chosen, Hospital Etiquette and transition into an open adoption: Ashley Mitchell, a birth mother, will talk through how to respond to being chosen by an expectant mother, expectations in contact, do’s and don’ts of social media, what it is like the first time you meet, gifts, hospital time and more. These first few interactions will help lay the foundation of a positive and realistic open adoption relationship moving forward.


Promises: Sarah Noelle Schmidth, a birth mother, will walk you through the promises of open adoption in a two day experience. This will cover expectations, promises, what happens when those promises are broken and so much more.


Navigating Adoption while walking through Infertility Grief and Trauma: Expectations and Open Adoption: We will be discussing navigating complex emotions such as grief and fear while also unpacking expectations both hidden and open in adoption. - Jenni Starling, Adoptive Mother


Addiction and Incarceration in Open Adoption: One of the most taboo topics when talking about open adoption is how to navigate relationships through addiction and incarceration. What are mental health professionals saying about it? How does open adoption work with these issues? Is closing things down the right thing to do? We will be discussing these questions and more.  - Kelly Treadway, Adoptive Mother

Adoptive Parents Play A Role In Ethical Adoption Practices: Adoptive parents must lead the charge in ethical adoptions. Come discuss what questions you should be asking, what do you do if you discover unethical practices, and how adoption professionals should be caring for biological families.  - Kelly Treadway, Adoptive Mother


Profile Books: Learn about Hannah and her personal adoption journey and what led her to starting the adoption community Kindred + Co.  She will give you tips, and the dos and don’ts of creating your adoption profile book. - Hannah Eloge, Adoptive Mother and Professional 


Raising a Healthy Adoptee: A two-part series that will briefly touch upon the complexity of trauma, childhood traumatic stress along with trauma types and empower adoptive parents with tools and resources in order to guide their adopted child through processing impacts of adoption the child may experience during different stages of life in a developmentally appropriate way and thus empowering the child in the long run creating an overall positive adoption experience over the course of the adoptee’s entire life.   - Dr. Martha Farnsworth, Adoptee + Birth Mother and Erin Stallings, Adoptee


Transracial Adoption - The Hair Isn’t Everything: Join Kristi and she peels back the layers of transracial adoption.  Hair is considered the child’s crown and should always be cared for and manicured, yet as parents we must invest and prepare that child to wear their crown with dignity, respect, strength and knowledge. And the reality is, as white parents, we can not do it on our own. Kristi will provide tools and perspective on how to better accept the realities of raising a child of a different race and also celebrate the uniqueness of their story and skin. - Kristi Lyons, Adoptive Mother



Navigating Adoption

Husband and Wife power couple, John and Ashley, are going LIVE in the classroom to talk about adoption and how it has effected their marriage, their parenting and their belief in family. John is no stranger to adoption. Not only is he an adoptee but he adopted his daughter (from a first marriage) and is married to a birth mother, accepting all the emotions that come while being in the throws of open adoption. Ashley, a birth mother of 12 years, has been in the throws of the industry for almost a decade.

“it doesn’t define us, but we can’t ignore its existence.”

You will be inspired by the honest conversation between these two. From John learning he was adopted by being called a bastard to Ashley being told that she should have aborted her son to prevent adoption trauma.

This couple is NO JOKE and we can’t wait for you to lean in and learn from the heart behind Lifetime Healing, LLC.


we offer this class once a quarter

  • November 5-18 - REGISTRATION OPEN NOW

  • March 18-31 - REGISTRATION OPENS February 1st, 2019

  • June 10-23 - REGISTRATION OPENS May 1st, 2019

more classes coming soon…

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