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After years and years of grief, loss and depression, One woman started to write and share her experiences and overtime a small community of Birth Mothers and friends gathered and started to share a voice. 

that group started to grow into one of most respected online support groups.

 What they discovered was a powerful connection of understanding, love and hope for healing.

This was such a foreign concept and perspective given the tradition, shame, generation gaps and society ignorance on the topic of adoption.

it was refreshing and craved nation wide.

Lifetime Healing, LLC is a result of this small group of women.

After supporting countless women all over the country we took all our of our experience and education and created the first ever post placement curriculum to build lasting and concrete support groups for women that choose to place their children for adoption. 

In doing so, we are holding the professionals accountable in standing with the birth mothers for life. 

If they are going to stand with them in the destruction than ethics would assume that they stand with them in the rebuild. 

we are the standard for ethical post placement care for birth mothers.



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Ashley Mitchell, owner of Lifetime Healing, set out to seek increased care, understanding, and resources for birth mothers.  For almost a decade, Ashley has been one of the most consistent and sought after birth mother voices in the nation.  Well known for her vulnerability and transparency in adoption, her story has touched the hearts of countless members of the adoption community.

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Sarah Noelle Schmidth is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University with emphasis in Psychology and Pastoral Counseling. She is a native Californian that currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and their little boy. She was the first birth mother to sit on the board of the Southern California Chapter of Bethany Christian Services and is also a writer, speaker and open adoption advocate. Her heart’s calling is helping women see their worth, bringing them together to embrace their differences, flaws and uniquenesses, helping each other through life, standing beside one another in solidarity, accepting and loving those deemed unacceptable and trying to understand the misunderstood. As a birth mother of two teenagers placed with the same couple in an open adoption, she empathizes with women who make the courageous sacrifice that is choosing placement for their children. Her passions for people, healing and encouragement lead her to write and share her story through various platforms in hopes that others will not feel alone in their own journeys, but instead feel the grace, love and comfort that come from having a community of support rallying around each woman in need.


Beth Steffen Charles, MS PC had to learn a lot of life's lessons the hard way.  Beth is a 30+ year old married gal who is a survivor of a traumatic sexual assault and many mental health issues following that event.  In the ten years since the attack, she had to learn how to live every day as a survivor and over comer.  She believes that every woman can find freedom from life's oppressing circumstances.  After Beth's trauma, she chose to go to school and get a Master's Degree in Community Counseling in order to help those who feel they can't help themselves.  She has a great passion for seeing women set free.  She enjoy's working with individuals who are ready to work and fight for their freedom.  She pride's herself in coming beside women and walking through life's battles together.  In her free time she can be found doing anything crafty, watching reality TV, playing with her nephews & niece, or just enjoying the quietness of home.  


Kelly is a teacher, creator, advocate, and mother. Kelly has a bachelors degree in elementary education as well a special education and enjoys teaching in her 3rd grade class. Kelly is also a graphic designer and designs for Lifetime Healing LLC as well as Big Tough Girl. She loves creating beautifully designed lessons for her students, invitations and announcements for her friends and family, and profile books for families hoping to adopt. Kelly has a heart for ethical adoption practices, open adoption relationships even through difficult circumstances, birth family care post placement, and most importantly, adoptee health and wellbeing.  Kelly is an adoptive momma to two beautiful boys. She has been married to her husband, Will, for 14 years. They currently live in Northern Utah where they enjoy open adoptions with both of their children's families.